Social Responsibility Program

Movie Campaign March 26, 2016

An afternoon matinee was held and what more could time be productively spent , than by the kindness of all the sponsors and their generous contributions towards a proposed Monastery project in Malang , East Java . It is hoped the Monastery when built will be able to cater for a burgeoning sangha community , growing under the guidance of Ven Dagpo Rinpoche , helping to preserve the precious Lamrim teachings that has been transmitted in an unbroken line via Rinpoche in the Indonesian , South East Asian archipelago, since the time of Lord Buddha .

Soup Kitchen

Drawing inspiration from the efforts of other centers , the soup kitchen project by KTCL drew enthusiastic support from our members and outsiders whose minds was primarily aimed at helping alleviate the hunger of those less fortunate than ourselves and during the time , besides embracing cameradie of all involved , it helped churned in no less than 500 meals for the less well off amongst our community .

Jumble Sale 17 June, 2012

In playing our part towards the betterment of society , and in conjunction with an Open Day during which we highlighted the functions of our Centre and its activities , our society conducted a Jumble Sale by collecting ” used ” goods from the public from which sales proceeds was then duly channeled to the National Kidney Foundation and the National Austistic Society of Malaysia . The event helped raise over RM44,000 which was equally divided to help these two causes .

Visit to “Home for Special People”(Persatuan Insan Istimewa, Cheras) 30.06.2013

30.06.2013, #KTCLMalaysia members and friends visited “Home for Special People”(Persatuan Insan Istimewa, Cheras) @ 35 Jalan Rakan 11, Taman Rakan, Cheras, 43000 Kajang. Where 18 special people are residing including both children and adults. The residents there have been abandoned by their parents since young because of certain physical and intellectual deformities. Whilst this home is a public funded NGO , resources remain limited and as such, they can not accept more children although demands require it.