1000 Offerings to Arya Tara

1000 Offerings to Arya Tara

1 Nov, 2015 9:00am – 1:00pmTeachings

About Event

One Thousand Offering to Arya Tara – Sunday 01.11.2015 from 9am to 1pm

It is with great pleasure and joy that #KTCLMalaysialikes to announce our annual special , “1000 offerings to Arya Tara” event which will be held on Sunday 01.11. 2015 at the Centre ( 9 am-1 pm ) and we are very honored the event will be coordinated as in previous years, by visiting Members of the Sangha Community from Indonesia , our sister organization Kadam Cho Ling Indonesia.

This year will be especially more meaningful as many of you maybe well aware that Dagpo Lama Rinpoche, our Spiritual Head of Kadam Tashi Choe Ling, has recently encountered health obstacles upon his return from India, and we will therefore like to particularly dedicate this timely event to pray for his well being and fast recovery and that his activities can continue to thrive for as long as sentient beings are suffering in samsara.

As usual we will like to open the opportunity for our members to participate as volunteers and come together on Saturday 31.10.2015 and on the actual day of the Event to help collectively clean and beautify the temple, set up and make offerings in order to welcome and honor the sublime Arya Tara and her virtuous retinue, and in so doing, know that you will have this very precious chance to accumulate vast amounts of merit and purify much of your obscurations in the Path towards Enlightenment .

Volunteers are asked to please contact our respective team heads in charge of the various tasks, to register yourself, if you wish to take part in this joyous occasion , to do so not later than Thursday 22.10.2015.

The following tasks are open:

Preparations (as many persons as possible) (31.10.2015 from 3pm- 7pm) cleaning of temple , water bowls and setting up of offerings etc: Yap Min Kin

Water offerings (washing) (minimum 5 persons required) to help change water during the ceremony: Yaling

Water offerings (drinking) help with purchase: Vincent

Bread offerings help with purchase bread: Sean

Light offerings: May Yan

Incense offerings (minimum 3 persons required) to help change incense during ceremony: Wee Kiat

Rice (minimum 5 persons required) to help change rice in bowls during ceremony: Sean

Fruits/ food ~ help to
Purchase: Yan Pok

Flowers ~ help to purchase: Sue


Venue: Kadam Tashi Choe Ling, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia